“He’d say all these things like” Trump Spokesperson Reacts Sharply to New Details on Stormy Daniels Encounter

 “He’d say all these things like” Trump Spokesperson Reacts Sharply to New Details on Stormy Daniels Encounter

Logan Cyrus / AFP via Getty Images; Phillip Faraone/Getty Images)

Donald Trump’s chief spokesperson has sharply criticized new details emerging about Trump’s alleged encounter with adult film star Stormy Daniels during a celebrity golf tournament. The incident, which has long haunted the former president, came into the spotlight again following an interview published by the Daily Beast.

In the interview, a celebrity athlete, who chose to remain anonymous, recounted that he was near Trump and Daniels at the 2006 American Century Championship on the Nevada side of Lake Tahoe. He claimed that Trump boasted the following day about his sexual liaison with Daniels, describing Trump’s comments as “gross.”

The athlete’s account provides a rare firsthand insight into the alleged encounter between Trump and Daniels, which coincides with the timeline she previously described. According to the Daily Beast’s Roger Sollenberger, this is the first public description of Trump explicitly claiming to have had a sexual encounter with Daniels around the time she alleged it happened.

“It was clear to me and everyone who heard him that he was talking about Stormy,” he said and claimed that Trump “encouraged other celebs to try to have sex with Daniels,” comments he called, “crass,” “gross,” and “stupid.” “He’d say all these things like, ‘You’ve gotta bang a porn star, it’s incredible,’ and, ‘It added 20 yards to my drive today,’” he recalled.

Reacting to these allegations, Trump’s spokesperson, Steve Cheung, strongly refuted the implications, attacking the credibility of the report and linking it to political motives. “The Biden campaign is in freakout mode and will try anything to cling to power,” Cheung stated. He criticized the media and the opposing political campaign, accusing them of collaborating to undermine Trump’s image ahead of his potential re-election. “Crooked Joe Biden is a failed president trying to distract from his disastrous tenure,” Cheung added.

Cheung dismissed the allegations as “lies, rumors, and innuendos,” which he argued are typical of desperate media outlets and losing political campaigns. He emphasized the need to “Make America Great Again and re-elect President Trump.”

These developments occur as Trump’s trial concerning the alleged hush money payments to Daniels nears its conclusion. The jury is expected to begin deliberations on Wednesday, deciding on charges that Trump falsified business records to conceal the payments made to Daniels, aiming to prevent electoral damage during the 2016 presidential campaign.

As the legal proceedings wrap up, the focus remains not only on the outcome but also on how it will impact Trump’s future political ambitions and the broader political landscape leading into the next election cycle.

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