“I mean, that’s pretty poor form so hopefully” Attorney Alina Habba’s Phone Incident Temporarily Disrupts Trump’s Trial in Manhattan

 “I mean, that’s pretty poor form so hopefully” Attorney Alina Habba’s Phone Incident Temporarily Disrupts Trump’s Trial in Manhattan

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In a surprising turn of events at Donald Trump’s hush money trial in Manhattan, Attorney Alina Habba, although not part of Trump’s defense team for this case, inadvertently caused a disruption in the courtroom. The incident occurred on Wednesday when a video began playing from Habba’s phone just as Judge Juan Merchan was instructing the jury on the verdict procedures for the 34 felony counts Trump faces.

Courtroom protocols strictly prohibit the use of mobile phones during proceedings, making Habba’s action a clear deviation from standard rules. The unexpected sound from her phone not only interrupted the judge but also drew a sharp look from him, underscoring the severity of the breach of decorum.

CNN’s Paula Reid, covering the trial, detailed the occurrence, reporting, “Just now a phone went off in the courtroom; our colleagues are reporting that it appeared to be Alina Habba’s phone playing a video.” This breach highlights the tension and high stakes within the courtroom, where every attendee is expected to adhere strictly to protocol to maintain order and respect for the legal process.

“That’s interesting,” co-host Kaitlan Collins interrupted, “because Trump’s team they’ve had their phones out. Anyone else, if you’re sitting in the back of the room, including the DA’s team from what I’ve seen, are not on their phones. You are not allowed to be on your phone, you can’t even have your phone sitting next to you if on silent or even off. The court officers will tell you, put it away, and don’t even bring it out.”

‘Yeah, but Trump’s team, they sit right behind them and they often have their phones out doing various things, emails, but to have a video play in the middle of this historic moment when they’re charging the jury? I mean, that’s pretty poor form so hopefully, that will not happen again,” Reid replied.

“But the judge did shoot her a stern look in that direction, the way the noise was coming from, and just moved on, which is probably the right way to handle it, right? This is a critical moment. You want to walk the jury through this incredible task they are about to undertake and not get distracted by something like that,” she added.

The incident raises questions about the discipline and professionalism in high-profile cases, reflecting on the overall atmosphere surrounding Trump’s legal battles. As the trial progresses, such disruptions, even if minor, can add a layer of complexity and distraction, potentially affecting the focus and flow of proceedings.

This trial marks a critical point in Trump’s post-presidency life, as he faces significant legal challenges that could have profound implications for his future. The incident with Habba’s phone, though brief, punctuated the intense scrutiny and the heightened emotions surrounding the case. As the world watches, the trial continues to unfold with its share of drama both inside and outside the courtroom.

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