“THE ONLY VERDICT THAT MATTERS IS THE VOTE OF WE THE PEOPLE” High-Profile Figures React to Trump’s Conviction

 “THE ONLY VERDICT THAT MATTERS IS THE VOTE OF WE THE PEOPLE” High-Profile Figures React to Trump’s Conviction


In a landmark decision, a jury of 12 New Yorkers found former President Donald Trump guilty on all 34 charges of falsifying business records related to a $130,000 payment to porn actress Stormy Daniels, facilitated by his ex-fixer Michael Cohen. This conviction has stirred reactions across the political and celebrity spectrums, with notable figures like Piers Morgan and Caitlyn Jenner voicing their support for Trump.

Piers Morgan, one of the first celebrities to back Trump post-conviction, expressed his dismay on the social media platform X, stating, “This is a sad, shameful and ridiculous day for America. To drag a former President, who is running for President again, through criminal courts over something so trivial feels like a massive overreach & an incredibly divisive and obviously politically partisan action.”

Similarly, Caitlyn Jenner criticized the state of New York and the federal government, calling the United States a “banana republic under the Biden DOJ” in a post on X. Despite the conviction, Jenner affirmed her support for Trump in the upcoming presidential election, emphatically noting, “THE ONLY VERDICT THAT MATTERS IS THE VOTE OF WE THE PEOPLE, OF THE USA, ON NOVEMBER 5 2024!”

The scene in the courtroom was tense as the verdict was read. Trump, visibly distressed and accompanied by his son Eric, displayed a brief moment of familial solidarity as they prepared to leave the courthouse. CNN reported both appeared red-faced, with Trump quickly shaking his son’s hand in a rare public display of emotion.

As per the Telegraph, In response to the verdict, President Joe Biden’s campaign issued a statement highlighting the ruling’s significance but emphasizing the electoral battle ahead. Michael Tyler, the campaign’s director of communications, remarked, “In New York today, we saw that no one is above the law,” adding, “A second Trump term means chaos, ripping away Americans’ freedoms and fomenting political violence – and the American people will reject it this November.”

Trump faces further legal challenges beyond this case. He has been implicated in three other criminal cases, including accusations of attempting to fraudulently overturn the 2020 election results. These ongoing legal battles involve charges of retaining classified documents and efforts to interfere with the electoral process in Fulton County, Georgia. Trump has pleaded not guilty in all instances, and with no trial dates set before the upcoming November elections, the political drama continues to unfold as the nation watches closely.

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