“He Finished It” Cher Defends Boyfriend AE Edwards Amid Cannes Brawl Involving Kylie Jenner’s Exes

 “He Finished It” Cher Defends Boyfriend AE Edwards Amid Cannes Brawl Involving Kylie Jenner’s Exes

(Photo : Jesse Grant/Getty Images for iHeartRadio)

Cher has publicly backed her boyfriend, Alexander “AE” Edwards, after he was embroiled in a confrontation involving Kylie Jenner’s former partners, Tyga and Travis Scott, at a high-profile event in Cannes last week. The incident, which has caught the attention of the entertainment world, took place at Richie Akiva’s “The After” annual party, a gathering known for its celebrity attendance.

The 78-year-old icon took to social media on Saturday, June 1, to express her viewpoint on the incident, clearly stating her support for her 38-year-old music executive boyfriend. “He didn’t start the fight against 2 men,… He finished it,” Cher wrote, showing no reservations about Edwards’ involvement in the altercation. She affectionately added, “Gotta love him,” signaling her unwavering support amidst the controversy.

According to reports from TMZ, the brawl ignited when Travis Scott appeared to mock Tyga and his group, which included Edwards, as they were introduced on stage. This mockery led to tensions that quickly escalated into a physical altercation.

Despite the heated exchange, Edwards, speaking to TMZ after the incident, insisted that there were no lingering hard feelings between the two camps. “It’s all good” between the entourages, he claimed. Emphasizing his non-confrontational stance, Edwards added, “I don’t want to fight. I don’t want to initiate that s***.”

The incident and subsequent reactions highlight the often complex and intertwined relationships within the entertainment industry, especially during high-stakes events like the Cannes Festival where emotions can run high. Cher’s defense of Edwards underscores her loyalty and the personal nature of her involvement, reflecting the personal stakes celebrities often face in public controversies.

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