Couples Honeymoon Turns Into Tragedy When Groom Dies in Horrific Water Skiing Accident

Nate Kuhlman / Facebook

A joyous Ohio couple’s celebration of marriage quickly turned to sorrow when their honeymoon in the Caribbean was cut short by a devastating event. Nate Kuhlman, who had just exchanged vows with Mariana Kuhlman in Steubenville on October 28, suffered a fatal waterskiing accident while the couple was in St. Lucia.

Described as a loving husband and cherished member of the community, Nate’s untimely death has shaken his family and friends. A GoFundMe campaign has been established to gather support for the Kuhlman family during this difficult time. The page pays tribute to Nate’s vibrant and adventurous spirit and his impactful encounters with those he met.

Details of the waterskiing incident remain scarce, but the loss has prompted an outpouring of support, raising over $100,000 across two fundraising pages to assist with funeral and travel expenses for the family, WFLA reported.

Nate’s mother, Heather Kuhlman, has expressed her profound grief on Facebook, drawing strength from her faith as she and her family navigate this unexpected tragedy. She implores for prayers as they prepare to bring Nate back home, remembering her son as a beacon of life now “in the arms of Jesus.”

The family’s poignant journey and their unwavering faith in the face of such a loss have touched the hearts of many, rallying community support to aid in their time of need.

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