Trump’s Lawyer Alina Habba Accuses NY Judge of Political Bias, Hints at Legal Firestorm


Alina Habba, the legal force behind Donald Trump, dropped a bombshell critique against New York Supreme Court Justice Arthur Engoron, accusing him of lacking “respect for authority.” Her scathing comments followed a contentious episode in the courtroom where Engoron allegedly admonished Trump during his testimony.

In a fiery Fox News interview, host Bill Hemmer probed Habba on the high-profile $250 million fraud trial engulfing Trump. Hemmer suggested that the judge had potentially reached a verdict even before the trial had properly commenced, to which Habba concurred, illustrating that the judge had previously deemed the Trump Organization and its associates guilty of fraud in their financial statements, As reported by Raw Story on Tuesday, November 7, 2023,

Adding more fuel to the fire, Habba pointed out that despite Ivanka Trump’s removal as a defendant, she was still expected to give testimony, hinting at a larger issue of judicial overreach and political motivations coloring the proceedings.

With her fighting spirit on full display, Habba promised to launch an offensive of motions directed at Engoron’s conduct during Trump’s testimony, questioning the judge’s approach to challenging someone as influential as Trump.

Come Thursday, Habba foreshadowed a dramatic legal move, vowing to expose biases within and beyond the courtroom. She teased a push for a mistrial and a directed verdict, gearing up for what promises to be a legal battle royale.

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