Tanith Belbin – A Versatile Athlete and an Actress

 Tanith Belbin – A Versatile Athlete and an Actress

Tanith Belbin a Versatile Athlete and an ActressThe most beautiful woman Olympic athlete in Vancouver 2010 Olympics is Tanith Belbin, also ranked as a top actress as we have seen her on television in the Battle of the Blades.

There are many top actors and actress in the fashion industry. Tanith Belbin, aged 27, is rated in the top actor and actress list of 2011. She is a Canadian-American famous ice dancer. Though this top actress, Tanith Belbin, hold a dual citizenship, she began her destination of skating with Benjamin Agosto. With Agosto, Tanith Belbin, the top actress had the honor to receive 2006 Olympic silver medalist. Also, Tanith Belbin got the chance to received the four-time World medalist title, three-times Tanith was the champion of Four Continents (2004-2006) and the top actress became the five-time champion of United States which was from (2004-2008).

Tanith Belbin is one of the most decorated in the history as the top actress has made herself come on the top with the help of her partner, Beb Agosto. As already mentioned about the top actress, Tanith Belbin’s championship has a statuesque presence on the ice.

Tanith Belbin, the top actress, is a breath-taking iconic beauty and is also her trend setting fame has reached far beyond the ice rink. In the year of 2006, Tanith Belbin, was named the “hottest Female Athlete” by the television ESPN.com and the top actress, Tanith Belbin was also named the “detroit’s Hottest couple” by the Hour Detroit Magazine. Tanith Belbin, the top actress has been featured on plenty of pages from the Vogue sports section as well as Men’s health where she was given the title of “American’s Hottest Olympic Athlete.

Tanith Belbin, the top actress, has also been a celebrity spokesperson for De beers, Ralph Lauren, Sega and the famous Proctor & Gamble. Tanith Belbin, lately has been enjoying a consistent television career as a commentator for Universal Sports. Also the top actress, Tanith Belbin, has taken a position as a television reporter for local and national news and as co-host for ABC’s skating with the famous stars. Tanith Belbin, the top actress has also availed the opportunity as a correspondent for Good Morning America in the year of 2006, also she has been a carpet correspondent for the ESPY’s Awards.

The top actress, Tanith Belbin, is also known as a fierce competitor, she hopes to show her lighter side and flexibility in the famous seasons on television these days, “Battle of the Bands.” The top actress, Tanith is excited about her family in Canada giving her massive support for the participation in this show.

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