Kanye West’s Elusive Following Boat Ban and Alleged Music Plagiarism Controversy with Bianca Censori

Kanye West
(Photo Credit –Instagram)

Kanye West’s recent escapades with Bianca Censori in Venice led to a ban after a scandalous boat ride. However, the waters seem murkier for the rapper on the legal front. Fresh reports indicate an acclaimed music producer has been trying, unsuccessfully, to track down Kanye over unauthorized song sampling issues.

Currently holidaying across numerous sought-after destinations like Italy, Venice, and Japan with his wife Bianca, Kanye is making headlines, but not just for his travel itinerary. Bianca’s eye-catching fashion choices, often near-revealing and favoring bare feet, have also been grabbing attention.

In a twist to the tale, Kanye is under fire for allegedly using a sample from the legendary house DJ, Marshall Jefferson’s 1986 classic ‘Move Your Body’, a whopping 22 times, including in his 2022 ‘Donda 2’ track titled ‘Flowers’, as highlighted by The Richest.

Additional reports from The Sun point to the rapper’s unavailability, with even his own legal representatives struggling to reach him. This unreachability is so pronounced that his lawyers reportedly admit to being in the dark about his current whereabouts.

Amid this backdrop, Trax Records, representing Marshall, has reportedly sought an extension in their lawsuit proceedings against Kanye, as per documents from the Eastern District of Louisiana Court. It’s worth noting that earlier in the year, a former law firm representing Kanye requested to part ways citing their inability to establish contact with him.

On a lighter note, the eccentric fashion displays by Kanye and Bianca on Italian streets have led to speculation. Some suspect this might all be a calculated PR strategy, possibly hinting at Kanye’s impending return to the music scene.

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