‘Have been proven to be abusers’: Christina Ricci Shares Candid Thoughts on Abuse Following Kunis-Kutcher Apology Over Letters Controversy

Ashton Kutcher-Mila Kunis
Mila Kunis/twitter

Following the recent apology from Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher regarding letters they addressed to a judge, actress Christina Ricci shed light on her perspective, seemingly in relation to the situation. While she didn’t directly name the celebrity couple in her statement, the undertones of her message hinted at addressing the issue.

Taking to Instagram, Ricci emphasized the struggles victims of abuse face when speaking out. She mentioned, “Often, those we’ve admired and loved may commit terrible acts. Our personal experiences with them don’t negate the harm they’ve inflicted on others. Discrediting victims is truly harmful.”

Continuing her sentiment, the “Yellowjackets” actress pointed out, “Individuals often perceived as ‘outstanding’ can also be perpetrators. Recognizing this is tough but necessary, especially if we genuinely stand by victims across the board.”

Elaborating further on her Instagram story, Ricci shared, “Regrettably, I’ve encountered numerous ‘wonderful men’ who, while pleasant towards me, had abusive tendencies in private. I’ve personally experienced this. Support and believe victims; coming forward is an uphill battle.”

In relation to the topic, Kunis and Kutcher recently confronted the controversy in a video. Kutcher stated, “We deeply regret the pain caused by the character letters we wrote supporting Danny Masterson.”

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