Barack Obama Allegedly Enraged About Michelle Obama’s New Celebrity Crush, Anonymous Source Claims

 Barack Obama Allegedly Enraged About Michelle Obama’s New Celebrity Crush, Anonymous Source Claims

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Is Barack Obama concerned that Michelle Obama has a crush on someone else? According to one tabloid, the former president is enraged by his wife’s behavior. Let’s see how the Obamas are doing.

Barack and Michelle Obama ‘In Crisis’?

Michelle Obama is reportedly fallen over heels for racing car driver Lewis Hamilton, according to the Globe, and Barack Obama is “not amused.” The former first lady was recently caught holding Hamilton firmly during one of Hamilton’s practice sessions in Miami.

“Michelle held on to Lewis with a real passionate intensity and clearly didn’t want to let him go,” an inside source spills. “It was kind of creepy how obviously drawn to him she was. But he was equally pleased. They were overheard making plans to meet up again later.”

However, sources claim that Barack was not pleased to see his wife cozied up to Hamilton. The Obamas’ marriage appears to have been on thin ice for some time, and this flirting isn’t helping matters.

“This guy’s a real player and it’s kind of amazing to see Michelle so under his spell,” the tipster muses. “It’s really testing Barack’s patience, but she doesn’t seem to care!”

Is Michelle Obama ‘Falling’ For Another Man?

As per Suggest, this report is completely absurd. Michelle Obama isn’t in love with Lewis Hamilton, as the tabloid claims, and the only proof the tabloid has is an image of Michelle embracing the racecar driver.

Michelle’s day-to-day life as an activist, politician, philanthropist, and celebrity, however, includes cheerfully welcoming people.

Throughout the years, there have been hundreds upon thousands of photos of the former first lady hugging individuals. Michelle Obama is such a hugger that, back in 2009, she famously broke royal protocol by hugging Queen Elizabeth.

So, while we’re confident that the expression of affection was genuine, it doesn’t necessarily imply any deeper feelings.

And we’re convinced Barack isn’t reading anything into the photos. In fact, on Mother’s Day the next weekend, Barack uploaded a photo honoring Michelle. All seemed well with the family in the photo, so we doubt they’re secretly “in crisis.”

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