The co-ordination of belts and shoes is very important

 The co-ordination of belts and shoes is very important

Your clothing says a lot about you and how much you are aware of the fashion around you. The universal rule for picking out the belt for an outfit is to match it with your shoes.

One of the more overlooked areas of stylish dressing is the connection between belts and shoes. Pakistani men don’t bother with fashion too much hence they come across uncoordinated when it comes to shoes and belts.

The first point to make concerning belts and shoes is that you should not actually match them, they should flatter each other. A straightforward rule to keep in mind is that you should wear a brown belt with brown shoes and a black belt with black shoes.

How to select a belt when wearing shoes in bright colors like red or green can be difficult to know but the solution is always there. Wearing a belt in the same color will frequently seem like too much of a good thing. If you are wearing red shoes I can pretty much guarantee that your shoes are the focal point of your outfit and a red belt would only serve to knock your look right over the boundary. Consider a brown belt that has some red tone to it like a caramel color or such.

If you’re brightly colored shoes have a dark sole you may choose a belt that compliments the tones there instead of the upper part of the shoe.

Finally, belts are a very significant but often overlooked part of a man’s wardrobe in Pakistan. They are another example of the attention to detail that a man must consider if he wants to be truly well dressed and in fashion.

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