Meghan Markle Is In Control Of Her Marriage To Prince Harry?

 Meghan Markle Is In Control Of Her Marriage To Prince Harry?

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A body language expert claimed that Meghan Markle has shown a subtle sign of “power asymmetry” in her relationship with Prince Harry.

“You have just witnessed a great example in which there is a power asymmetry in the couple expressed through body language,” Jesus Enrique Rosas, the royal commentator claimed while reviewing videos of Harry and Meghan during their previous public engagements.

Rosas, a body language expert, stated that Harry and Meghan appeared to be out of sync during an event in 2019 when Meghan displayed a motion to leave while Harry was in the middle of a conversation. Rosas has frequently studied the Sussexes’ relationship, supposedly spotting controlling gestures shown by the Duchess at several public engagements.

The expert chose a video of Harry and Meghan chatting with a woman at the Well Child Awards in 2019, months before they announced their decision to step down from royal duties. The expert observed Meghan’s facial expressions and noted on his YouTube channel how the Duchess expressed her desire to end the conversation. “So Meghan does that signal that she applies so many times to end conversations that are touching people.”

The expert focused on another scenario when Harry and Meghan had been on the red carpet at a previous event, claiming that it had been replicated at the Well Child Awards. He explained, “When she wants Harry to stop talking she does that touch, and it’s more like a tap, and she does that on the lady, she taps her arm and then goes to grab her purse.”

The body language expert also noted that because Harry had been with Meghan for a few years at this point, he was able to understand his wife’s subtle signals. “That’s why he immediately breaks that engagement, that conversation dynamic by leaning back,” Rosas added, referring to the video where the Duke leaned back following Meghan’s gesture.

He observed how Harry put his hands on the chair’s armrests, implying that he was about to stand up, copying his wife’s action. “So, for a split second, they were in sync, and that’s great. But then it goes out the window. Because Meghan just stands up and Harry, well it’s obvious that he wanted to keep talking because that’s what his body language was projecting at that moment.”

Harry appeared to pick up on all of Meghan’s body language signals; however, Rosas implied that Meghan appeared to skip Harry’s signals, or that the Duchess simply didn’t care about them at all.

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