Mary Trump Warns of America’s Cognitive Decline “Short Memories Erase Horrors of My Uncle’s Catastrophic Four Years”

 Mary Trump Warns of America’s Cognitive Decline “Short Memories Erase Horrors of My Uncle’s Catastrophic Four Years”

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The media should be profoundly concerned for the cognitive health of the American people if they are truly considering putting former President Donald Trump back in power, the former president’s niece, Mary Trump, wrote in her latest email blast.

This comes amid ongoing worry among pundits and the Democratic congressional rank and file about President Joe Biden’s health and fitness to campaign against Trump in the 2024 election—a fear Biden himself sought to put to rest today with a fiery and rousing NATO speech, reported Raw Story.

“The United States of America appears to be experiencing cognitive decline,” wrote Ms. Trump. “That’s the only way I can explain the short memories that have erased the horrors of my uncle’s catastrophic four years in the Oval Office. It’s the only way I can explain a poll that shows Donald with a 51 percent approval rating in Wisconsin. It’s the only way I can explain why this race is so close and Donald—the convicted felon and adjudicated rapist and fraud—remains a significant threat to our democracy.”

Mary Trump highlighted the critical issues that marked her uncle’s presidency, noting that when Trump left office, there was an explosion of violent crime, an economic collapse that peaked at 15 percent unemployment, and above all, mass deaths from a pandemic that he suggested Americans combat by drinking household cleaners.

“Waxing nostalgic? For a time when over 5,000 Americans were dying every day; basic supplies, like toilet paper and hand sanitizer, were impossible to find; and Donald showed his concern for the American people by playing golf every day. Yes, I’m worried about us,” she wrote.

Mary Trump emphasized the danger of Americans forgetting the traumas of the past administration. “Americans have short memories. And after the massive traumas we’ve experienced over the last eight years, it’s completely understandable that people are inclined to forget. That’s how trauma works. The reason things in this country continue to seem bad now despite much evidence to the contrary is because we’ve never recovered from the horrors of the Trump administration. Ironically, forgetting how bad things were is leading to nostalgia for the worst four years of my lifetime,” she concluded.

“The fact that it’s explicable doesn’t make it any less horrifying.” Her remarks serve as a stark warning to those considering a return to the policies and leadership style of the previous administration. Mary Trump’s powerful message underscores the importance of remembering the past to make informed decisions about the future.

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