Prince Harry realizes being royalty ‘doesn’t count for much’ in the US, says Royal expert

 Prince Harry realizes being royalty ‘doesn’t count for much’ in the US, says Royal expert

Source: AP / Jane Barlow

Prince Harry’s excitement about living in the United States is reportedly wearing off as he comes to terms with the fact that being a prince isn’t as significant across the pond. Harry, the Duke of Sussex, moved to the States after stepping down as a working royal in 2020, along with his wife Meghan Markle. Now, the couple lives in their £12 million Montecito mansion with their two children, Prince Archie, five, and Princess Lilibet, two.

Royal expert Tom Quinn told The Mirror, “During his first six months in the States Harry found everything new and exciting, but the glamour is definitely wearing off. However big your garden—and Harry and Meghan’s garden at Montecito is enormous—there’s only so much you can do when you have no practical skills and you have always paid people to cook, clean, and garden for you.”

Quinn also noted that the lawsuit by The Heritage Foundation, which questions Harry’s truthfulness in his visa application, could threaten his stay in the States. “The couple have taken legal advice because they’re seriously worried that if Donald Trump wins the next election, Harry’s visa may be revoked. Trump has insisted that if Harry is found to have lied on his visa application about his admitted drug taking, he could be asked to leave the country,” he added.

“Harry initially thought this couldn’t possibly happen to him as the normal rules don’t apply to a Royal Prince, but he is increasingly realizing that in the United States being a prince doesn’t actually count for very much,” Quinn concluded.

This realization marks a significant shift for Harry, who initially found the novelty of his new life in America exciting. However, as time passes, the prince is confronting the reality that his royal status does not afford him the same privileges in the U.S. as it did in the UK. This, coupled with the legal challenges he faces, underscores the difficulties of his transition to a new life.

As Harry navigates these challenges, he is learning that his royal status holds little sway in the U.S., a stark contrast to the recognition and privileges he enjoyed in the UK. This realization comes amidst legal pressures and the ongoing adjustments to his new life in America. The couple’s concerns about their future in the States highlight the uncertainties they face as they continue to build their lives away from the royal spotlight.

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