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Biden Quietly Authorized $200 Million in New Security Aid to Ukraine in Late December – Reports

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Source: ABC News

The Joe Biden administration discreetly approved an additional $200 million in security assistance to Ukraine in late December, CNN reported.

Much of the $200 million security package included military equipment such as small arms, ammunition, secure radios, and medical equipment, the report added, citing four people familiar with the matter.

Congress was notified about the White House’s decision earlier this month, but other US officials found out about the matter through classified channels, the report said.

The new security assistance will take some time to be delivered to Ukraine, the report added.

The report said, citing two congressional aides, that the Biden administration wanted to keep this new security package under wraps ahead of the US-Russia security talks that took place in Geneva earlier on Monday.

Another source told CNN that the additional $200 million in security aid to Ukraine is not substantial enough to deter any kind of alleged Russian escalation, however, Kyiv has made clear it wants more security assistance that is beyond the defensive weaponry the United States is already providing.

Western countries accuse Russia of allegedly deploying thousands of troops near the Ukrainian border in preparation for aggressive action. Moscow has repeatedly denied the accusations.

Following the US-Russia Monday talks, a Russia-NATO Council will meet in Brussels to discuss the issue on Wednesday.

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