“He clearly wasn’t proud of himself because he crept in and out via the back door” Prince Harry advised to avoid accepting ‘ridiculous’ awards

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Prince Harry recently found himself at the center of controversy following his receipt of an honor at the Living Legends of Aviation Awards, which took place on January 19. The event has sparked a wave of reactions, particularly from royal commentators and observers. Royal author Angela Levin criticized the Duke of Sussex for attending the award ceremony, branding him a ‘desperate’ person amid a growing royal rift.

Angela Levin, a well-known author on royal matters, has been vocal in her criticism of the Duke of Sussex’s decision to attend the award ceremony. Levin, who has closely followed and written about the royal family, expressed her dismay at Harry’s actions, reflecting on his changing public image. According to Levin, there was a time when Prince Harry was celebrated globally and often regarded as a favorite among the royals.

However, she notes that his popularity has significantly dwindled in recent times, placing him near the bottom in terms of public favor. Levin characterized Prince Harry’s acceptance of the award as a move of desperation, implying that his decision to receive what she referred to as a ‘ridiculous gong’ was ill-advised. She went on to say that this act made Harry appear foolish and that his participation in the event was a misguided step, told The Sun.

The royal author further commented on Harry’s demeanor at the event, noting that his low-profile entrance and exit through the back door signified a lack of pride and confidence. She suggested that if Harry had felt genuinely proud and happy about the recognition, he might have opted for a more grandiose and visible entry and departure.

The Living Legends of Aviation Awards is a prestigious event in the aviation community, and this year marked its 21st annual celebration. Prince Harry was inducted into the Living Legends of Aviation Hall of Fame, a recognition intended to honor his achievements as a pilot. His military career, spanning a decade, included significant time spent as a helicopter pilot, during which he undertook various missions and responsibilities.

“Harry looks foolish and it was a silly thing to do. He clearly wasn’t proud of himself because he crept in and out via the back door,” Ms Levin said.

The decision to honor Prince Harry at this event, given his background and experience in aviation, has brought to light the complexities of his current standing as a former working member of the royal family. His actions continue to draw scrutiny and mixed reactions from the public and royal commentators, reflecting the ongoing interest and debate surrounding his choices and the evolving dynamics of his relationship with the royal family.

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