Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Reportedly Planning to Deliver Second ‘Pound of Flesh

 Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Reportedly Planning to Deliver Second ‘Pound of Flesh

Courtesy: Daily Star

The spotlight on Meghan Markle and Prince Harry intensifies as rumors swirl about Netflix’s growing demands on the couple. This latest development comes from Channel 5’s royal correspondent Simon Vigar, who has shed light on the streaming giant’s expectations from the Sussexes.

Vigar discussed these insights with Matt Wilkinson, a royal correspondent for The Sun, highlighting the evolving dynamics between the couple and Netflix. The conversation sparked when Vigar speculated about Meghan Markle’s potential return to Hollywood.

In the eyes of Mr Vigar, “I think the media career or relighting the screen career as an actress, I think that’s a long shot because you can never see her as a character, now you’re gonna see Meghan, the Duchess, so that’s difficult.” “How can you believe that she’s anybody else other than the person we know so well?”

“And as I understand it, with Netflix, they still have a deal there who are going to want their pound of flesh,” he also added. “I think Harry still has a book deal as well where he said he’s not going to talk about the past anymore. Well, let’s see how that goes.” “Because they’re going to want their pound of flesh as well in terms of the stuff that he says he’s held back,” he also chimed in to say before signing off. 

This hypothesis has fueled discussions about the nature of the couple’s current and future projects with Netflix, which are believed to be under greater scrutiny. As the couple has ventured into various media and public engagements since stepping back from royal duties, their deal with Netflix is seen as a pivotal element of their new public and professional lives.

The pressure is reportedly mounting as Netflix, known for its aggressive pursuit of profitable and engaging content, is said to be seeking more substantial contributions from Meghan and Harry. The initial allure of their royal connection might now require more tangible outputs in terms of high-quality productions that can captivate global audiences. This comes at a time when the streaming industry is experiencing intense competition and pressures to maintain subscriber growth and satisfaction.

Meghan’s experience in the entertainment industry, coupled with the couple’s unprecedented move away from royal protocols, had originally presented a unique narrative for creative projects. However, the reality of producing content that meets both commercial expectations and their personal branding as progressive, philanthropic figures might be proving challenging.

The discussion between Vigar and Wilkinson also touched upon the implications of such pressures for Meghan’s speculated Hollywood ambitions. If she decides to return to acting or take on new creative roles, it could redefine her public persona yet again, potentially aligning with the couple’s broader strategic goals for their life in the United States.

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