Prince Harry to throw himself at Prince William’s feet to end feud

 Prince Harry to throw himself at Prince William’s feet to end feud


Prince Harry is prepared to throw himself at Prince William’s feet if he does not forgive him for his scathing attacks against the Royal family, especially Kate Middleton. The Duke of Sussex is considering a surprise visit to the Royal family in the coming days after realizing that it has been too long since they stopped talking.

Speaking with Closer Magazine, a source revealed that Harry believes “following protocol and waiting for their invite would be a much more advisable route to take.” However, Harry is reportedly tired of waiting for a formal invitation and has decided to fly to the UK uninvited. “Harry is tired of waiting and won’t be talked out of this plan,” the insider revealed.

They said Meghan Markle’s husband is “consumed with the idea that he can throw himself at his family’s feet and fix this feud.” “He’s convinced that if he gives them a true and heartfelt apology, they won’t be able to stay angry with him,” they added. “But that doesn’t mean they’re going to welcome him with open arms.”

The main hurdle between him and the Royal family is Queen Camilla, who will not allow Harry to get any closer to King Charles, and Prince William himself. “Camilla is so protective of Charles; odds are Harry won’t get even a minute alone with his dad. And William is bound to be even colder. He’s pushing his luck by taking a bulldozer-style approach to this.”

This move comes after a period of intense public scrutiny and criticism following Harry’s and Meghan Markle’s explosive interviews and revelations, which included direct criticisms of the Royal family and, notably, Kate Middleton. The tension between the brothers has been palpable, and Harry seems eager to mend fences, even if it means making an unannounced appearance.

The source continued, “Harry has realized that the longer he waits, the harder it becomes to bridge the gap. He is willing to swallow his pride and make amends.” The decision underscores Harry’s desperation to reconcile with his brother and the rest of the Royal family.

Harry’s plan to show up uninvited is seen as a bold move, reflecting his determination to address the rift head-on. The source added, “He knows this might be seen as a breach of protocol, but he’s past caring about formalities. His priority now is to repair his relationship with William and the rest of his family.”

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