Prince Harry needs Sarah Ferguson to teach him a ‘thing or two’ about shame, Says Royal Commentator

 Prince Harry needs Sarah Ferguson to teach him a ‘thing or two’ about shame, Says Royal Commentator

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In a recent episode of the podcast “Heirs and Spares,” royal commentator Katie Nicholl suggested that Prince Harry should consider taking a leaf out of Sarah Ferguson’s book regarding his dealings with the Royal Family. The conversation, led by host Kinsey Schofield, delved into the various strategies employed by members of the Royal Family in handling public and private challenges.

Over the past few years, Prince Harry has openly criticized the Royal Family, leading to strained relationships and widespread media coverage. According to Nicholl, Sarah Ferguson’s approach could offer valuable insights for the Duke of Sussex. Ferguson, also known as Fergie, has navigated her own complex relationship with the Royal Family since her divorce from Prince Andrew in 1996. Despite the challenges, she has managed to maintain a level of decorum and reconciliation with the family.

In the eyes of Ms Nicholl, “I also think she’s got a real um respect for monarchy and the and an understanding of monarchy as an institution.” “I mean you know you talk about a few decades back and when you think back to the embarrassment that she reaped on the royal family”.

“I mean just awful devastating stuff for her on a personal level” Ms Nicholl also chimed in to say before adding how it “brought so much shame to the monarchy as well”. But “you look at her now and you can just see that this institution matters to her, she talks about the royal family as a family and how they are all supporting each other,” she also added.

Before concluding she also chimed in to say, “I think you know yeah I think you’re right she could um she could probably teach Harry and Megan a thing or two just about perhaps respecting the institution, even as an outsider because ultimately, maybe an outsider but I think Sarah has proved that you can also be welcomed back into the fold.”

Nicholl’s comments come at a time when Prince Harry’s actions and words have spotlighted deep rifts within the Royal Family. His departure from royal duties, along with his wife Meghan Markle, and subsequent relocation to the United States were followed by a series of public revelations and criticisms about his life as a royal.

Sarah Ferguson’s strategy has largely been one of resilience and subtle negotiation, often managing to stay in good standing with the Royal Family despite past controversies. Nicholl suggests that Ferguson’s ability to balance personal independence with respect for royal protocols could serve as a model for Prince Harry.

The discussion on “Heirs and Spares” highlighted that while Ferguson has had her share of challenges, her current rapport with the Royal Family could provide key lessons in diplomacy and tact for Harry. Given the Duke of Sussex’s recent criticisms and the consequential media storm, adopting a more measured approach could potentially help in mending fences or at least in managing the ongoing public narrative.

This advice is particularly poignant as Prince Harry continues to navigate his role within the broader context of his family and his public responsibilities. The episode sheds light on the delicate balance of personal integrity and familial obligations, a theme that has been central to many discussions surrounding the modern Royal Family.

As Prince Harry and Meghan Markle forge their new path, the insights from seasoned members of the Royal Family like Sarah Ferguson could prove invaluable in smoothing over past conflicts and fostering a more harmonious relationship with the Firm.

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