Woo her with the right moves!

 Woo her with the right moves!

couple danceNo night goes better than a bottle of wine, a live jazz band and being in the arms of your lover, dancing the nights away. Couple dances are some of the most cliché, traditional and in fashion way to win over the heart of your lover.

Couple dances may seem to be some of the most enchanting experiences and every lover might want to have that perfect dance with their special one but that’s not how it works. Make sure that your couple dance is special and sacred and more importantly, share a moment with your lover that they and you will remember for the rest of your life.

Maintain eye contact with your date. Eye contact is the language that is spoken in every relationship. Steady and consistent eye contact is the key to every happy couple. The language spoken by your eyes is one that is unheard and unspoken yet so clearly understood.

Hold them close to you and hold them tight, nothing could tell your lover how much you love them better than the strength and the love of your grip.

Relationships are constructed around accepting and embracing your lover and being a romantic couple dancer along with other essentials.

Embrace your partner with a firm grip, one that will let them know how much they mean to you. A romantic couple dancer will have the perfect grip. One that is not too tight and yet firm so that it can express the right amount of physical presence that will assert your partner of your loyalty and love for them.

A romantic couple dancer is always respectful of their partner. The added quality of not stepping on their partners shows is much appreciated but other than that your manners and the way in which you treat your partner is the key to be a perfect couple dancer.  Also check how to impress  a girl.

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