Bullying at the Workplace

 Bullying at the Workplace

bulling at workplaceWhat is bullying at the workplace is the question which is arising day by day.  In the Bullying at workplace the targeted person can being hit by hurtful or offensive behaves of their own colleagues, boss or sometime clients, to destroy friendly workplace relations. Read more about bullying at workplace.

What is work place bullying?

Workplace at bullying is behaviors or hurtful acts that may be repeated again and again to torture mentally or sometime physically to co-workers, employee or group of employees. The thing to realize that what is workplace bullying is that at workplace a group or individual threaten, degrade the other group or individual. The aim of bullying at workplace is undermine, intimidate, harassment or humiliate the hitters.

Workplace Bullying and Trauma Institute (WBTI) has given the report, workplace bullying is “a systematic campaign of interpersonal destruction that jeopardizes your health, your career, the job you once loved. Bullying is a non-physical, non-homicidal form of violence and because it is violence and abusive, emotional harm frequently results.”

Bullying at workplace can be of the types mentioned below.

Repeated Behaves to torture:

Teaser may repeat his offensive or rude behave to irritate his targeted person. By saying or threaten again and again on same thing. Or to blackmail the targeted person that he is not doing proper job. Sometime bully may behave to confuse the targeted person. Or if the bully has authority at workplace he/she may torture to the targeted by showing that the worker is not doing proper job. Obviously this bullying at workplace will destroy the workplace relations and hit the targeted person mentally.

Systematic/Gang Bullying:

Sometime work place relations may be targeted by systematic bullying. Now the question arises that what is this bullying, actually in this bullying at the workplace, the plan of individual or gang can be involved. The every step that is taken in systematic bullying is according to guideline of the plan. The planners sometime try to destroy workplace relations with the help of rumors & lies to get people against to each other. Systematic or Gang bullying is also called “Mobbing”.

Client Bullying:

What is bullying in which clients are involved. Yes!! In this kind of bullying the targeted person may hit by his own client. For example some time nurses are threaten or teased by the clients, home maids being bullied by the owners. This type of bulling at workplace torture badly and causes the worst workplace relations.

Bullying that hit the physical safety:

This bullying at workplace can hit the physically to other person. Mostly this type of bullying at workplace is so aggressive & offensive. Mostly women are victimized by this kind of bulling at workplace. Obviously due to bullying they can not enjoy the friendly workplace relations.

Relations at work place regardless the positions & grades are must be respected & friendly. If you are facing such situation then the first thing to do is, avoid & ignore such kind of person. Try to be calm down, don’t get confused & be confident. Try to have professional workplace relations.

And if you are having serious problem of bullying at workplace then call bullying control authorities in your city.

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