Jen Psaki’s Snubbed Another Reporter Soon After He Said “People Are Saying”

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Biden administration, Press Secretary Jen Psaki started her job and keep it clear that she won’t bear the trash of reporters. Many Conservatives have accused her of “having it out for” their side when it comes to the White House Press Corp media who showed up in on her conferences. Nonetheless, the detail of the substance is, Psaki doesn’t “have it out” for anybody, nor does she play darlings with media vents people ponder to be Left.

Jen just does her job, and she’s good at it — meaning she will fairly and deferentially answer genuine questions from any journalist, no matter their apparent political association, and put any correspondent in their place if they’re trying “gotcha” questions or asking somewhat preposterous, again, no matter their professed political association.

Psaki made it clear throughout a press meeting lately when she snubbed Reuters reporter back in their place for running out of time with a question that was whatever but genuine.

Reuters Correspondent Nandita Bose posed this to the White House Press Secretary:

We’ve been kind of talking to a lot of voting rights and civil rights activists who are saying that the President isn’t just simply doing enough on the issue and is betraying Black voters who helped him — get him — get into the office by not doing absolutely everything he can. And he’s instead of spending his time negotiating infrastructure with Republicans. How would you respond to that criticism?”

“Who was saying that?” Psaki directly pushed.

Bose said, “A lot of civil rights activists and voting activists,” but Jen wasn’t having that, doubling down and asking, “Like who?”

Seeming a bit harassed by the Press Secretary’s response, Bose answered, “We’ve spoken to several groups and outfits. I mean, I can reach out to you with names after the briefing. And —”

, Psaki shut her off, saying, “Sure. That sounds good,” and immediately moving onto the next question.

You can watch the clip here:

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