Trump’s House of Cards COLLAPSING? Judge’s ‘Scathing’ Verdict Sends Shockwaves & CNN’s Errol Louis Has ALL the Juicy Details!

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CNN’s Errol Louis broke down the seismic legal shocker on Wednesday, as New York Judge Arthur Engoron dealt a crushing verdict against former President Donald Trump, finding him accountable for fraud.

But what really had everyone talking? It was Judge Engoron’s merciless critique of Trump and his legal team. Louis highlighted how Engoron lambasted them for resurrecting old and dismissed arguments. “The judge’s message was crystal clear – ‘Stop playing the same irrelevant defense cards that have been thrown out before!’,” remarked Louis.

Based on information from a Raw Story report on September 26, 2023, “The critique is more than just sharp,” Louis commented, “It’s a direct hit at Trump’s usual playbook – repeated delays, rehashing points, and spinning things out.”

According to Louis, this ruling indicates that Judge Engoron is no stranger to Trump’s notorious legal maneuvers. “This judge seems to have Trump’s number, and he’s not falling for the same tricks.”

The past year hasn’t been smooth sailing for Trump. Beyond the fraud liability, he’s been declared accountable for defaming journalist E. Jean Carroll and facing accusations of sexual misconduct.

Moreover, Trump is now entangled in legal woes across four jurisdictions, with allegations spanning from illegally holding classified government data to dubious efforts to maintain power after the 2020 elections. The legal dominos appear to be falling fast for the former president.

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