Trump discusses now-deleted post of himself with baseball bat next to Alvin Bragg: ‘I Didn’t Do It, They Did It’

donald trump
photo: Getty Images

Former President Donald Trump tried to explain why he shared a story with a split-screen picture of himself holding a baseball team alongside Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg.

Trump stated last week that Bragg was going to be indicted for reportedly making a hush money payment to pornographic film star Stormy Daniels a month before the 2016 election. Bragg is allegedly considering allegations that Trump changed company documents to conceal the payment. Trump disputes all of this and has yet to be charged.

Trump shared the story with the controversial image juxtaposition on his Truth Social platform on Friday. He deleted his post after receiving criticism. On Monday, the former president appeared on Fox News with Sean Hannity for his first interview since September.

“You talked about death and destruction,” Hannity said, referring to another post in which Trump warned what an indictment could bring. “The baseball bat picture next to Alvin Bragg, and you did take that down. And my only question, why open yourself to criticism?”

Trump responded that he did not see the picture accompanying the story when he shared the post:

You have to understand that when the story was put up, I put up a story, we didn’t see pictures. We put up a story that was very exculpatory, a very good story from the standpoint of what we’re talking about. And they put up a picture of me. And you know where I was holding the baseball bat? It was at the White House. ‘Make America, buy America’ because I did a lot of ‘Buy America’ things, and this was a company that makes baseball bats. Then they put next to that picture a picture of Alvin Bragg. I didn’t do it, they did it.

Trump went on to accuse any possible prosecution of being politically motivated.

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