“I never knew Shannon Bream was so ‘naïve,’ Trump Criticizes Fox News Host Amid Jury Deliberations in Hush Money Trial

 “I never knew Shannon Bream was so ‘naïve,’ Trump Criticizes Fox News Host Amid Jury Deliberations in Hush Money Trial

Image: Reuters/Carlos Barria

Donald Trump unleashed criticism against Fox News host Shannon Bream on Wednesday, calling her “stupid” after she implied that President Joe Biden had no role in Trump’s ongoing criminal case in New York. This remark came while Trump’s representative, Alina Habba, appeared on Fox News during the jury deliberations in the former president’s hush money cover-up case.

Trump is currently facing charges of falsifying business records related to payments made to adult film star Stormy Daniels, which prosecutors argue were intended to influence the outcome of the 2016 presidential election. During the segment, Habba expressed her frustration, stating she was “sick of her own soundbites,” reflecting the tense atmosphere surrounding the high-profile case, reports The Daily Beast.

“I never knew Shannon Bream was so ‘naïve,'” Trump said on his social media network, Truth Social. “In her interview with my Representative, Alina Habba, Shannon just suggested that Crooked Joe Biden was not involved in my Show Trial. HOW STUPID!”

“Not only is he involved, he is virtually leading it, and all of the other Trials as well – Meaning, his people, because he’s not mentally sharp enough to lead anything!” Trump wrote. “Just take a look at the DOJ/White House Thugs involved, and everything else. Biden is incompetent, and feels that Weaponization is the only way he can win.”

The former president did not provide any evidence to support his claim but escalated his attack by suggesting that Biden relies on media figures like Bream to influence public perception and judicial outcomes. “He’s counting on the Shannon Breams of the World to get him there. Bad day for Shannon!” Trump remarked via social media, intensifying his ongoing critique of the media and its coverage of his legal battles.

This outburst is part of a broader pattern of Trump lashing out against the media, which he often accuses of bias against him, especially in relation to his legal issues. The case has attracted significant media attention, with various pundits and journalists weighing in on the implications for Trump’s political future.

As the jury continues its deliberations, the political tension and public interest remain high, with every development in the trial scrutinized and debated across news platforms. Trump’s latest comments underscore his contentious relationship with the press and his propensity to stir controversy through his statements.

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