Stephen King Just Took A Shot At Don Junior’s Drug Usage, It Went Viral

Stephen King Just Took A Shot

Speculation is rife about what motivated renowned author Stephen King to voice his thoughts regarding the uproar caused by Donald Trump Jr., among others, about the discovery of cocaine in the White House. This incident has been the talk of right-wing media, despite a former Secret Service agent suggesting the drug may have been planted.

The persistent commentary likely stems from Donald Trump’s relentlessly negative media coverage, prompting any opportunity to tarnish Joe Biden’s image to be seized.

King, however, didn’t limit his commentary to this incident alone. He previously shared a sharp remark about Ted Cruz, which has resurfaced amidst the recent commotion stirred by Marsha Blackburn over Biden’s alleged banning of appliances and Cruz’s dissatisfaction with the Barbie movie.

Moreover, Donald Trump Jr.’s assertion that Hunter Biden’s laptop controversy is a bigger scandal than Watergate raises questions about his perspective on the scale of these two distinctly separate issues.

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