Melania Trump’s Unexpected Outfit at Rosalynn Carter’s Funeral Ignites a Fashion Firestorm Among First Ladies


During a memorial service for Rosalynn Carter, the late wife of former President Jimmy Carter, all five living former first ladies were present. However, the event was overshadowed by discussions surrounding Melania Trump’s choice of attire.

While other former first ladies, including Michelle Obama, Laura Bush, Hillary Clinton, and Dr. Jill Biden, adhered to a traditional all-black dress code, Melania Trump opted for a light gray coat, sparking debate over the appropriateness of her wardrobe.

The discourse intensified on social media platforms, with some users criticizing Melania for her perceived lack of respect, comparing her unfavorably to her husband, Donald Trump. Conversely, others defended her, arguing against the scrutiny of a woman’s fashion choices and emphasizing that the focus should be on commemorating Rosalynn Carter’s life rather than on Melania’s attire.

Supporters of Melania pointed out that her coat color was within the bounds of funeral etiquette, as darker shades like gray and deep blue are considered appropriate. They also noted historical precedents where former first ladies, such as Hillary Clinton and Rosalynn Carter herself, did not wear all black to other funerals.

Ultimately, the significant aspect of the event was the unity displayed by the former first ladies, who put aside political differences to honor the life and legacy of Rosalynn Carter.

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