President Joe Biden Shares How He and First Lady Jill Biden Celebrated Nowruz with Messages of Unity and Renewal

 President Joe Biden Shares How He and First Lady Jill Biden Celebrated Nowruz with Messages of Unity and Renewal


President Joe Biden conveyed heartfelt greetings to everyone celebrating Nowruz, the Persian New Year, marking a period of reflection, renewal, and rejuvenation. Through a post on his official X account on March 20, 2024, he, along with First Lady Jill Biden, extended their best wishes for this significant occasion, underscoring its role as a time for contemplation and the ushering in of new beginnings.

Nowruz, meaning “new day,” heralds the onset of spring and is a festive occasion observed by millions globally, especially in regions like Iran, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and Turkey, among others. This ancient festival, rooted in the traditions of the Zoroastrian religion, celebrates the rebirth of nature and the enduring spirit of life.

Central to Nowruz celebrations is the gathering of families, who come together to partake in age-old customs that embody hope, prosperity, and the victory of light over darkness. In a nod to these traditions, the White House has adorned the Haft-Sin, a customary table setting that encapsulates the essence of the new year’s promise.

The Haft-Sin, or “seven S’s,” comprises seven items that start with the Persian letter ‘S,’ each symbolizing vital elements of life and the natural world. These include Sabzeh (greens) symbolizing renewal, Samanu (a sweet pudding) for affluence, Senjed (dried fruit) for love, Seer (garlic) for health, Seeb (apple) for beauty, Somāq (sumac berries) for the dawn of a new day, and Serkeh (vinegar) for the patience and wisdom that comes with age.

In his message, President Biden highlighted the deep cultural and spiritual importance of Nowruz, recognizing it as a beacon of peace, harmony, and mutual understanding among diverse groups. By offering his New Year wishes in Persian, “Eid-eh Shoma Mobarak,” he underscored the United States’ commitment to cultural inclusiveness and respect for global traditions.

Nowruz stands as a symbol of resilience for communities that have endured hardships, embodying the enduring hope and the spirit of rebirth. In these uncertain times, President Biden’s Nowruz message is a poignant reminder of the strength found in unity and collective resilience.

By acknowledging Nowruz, President Biden reiterates his dedication to diversity, inclusion, and the celebration of cultural heritages. As we welcome spring and the prospects it brings, let’s also uphold the principles of hope, regeneration, and reconciliation that are at the heart of Nowruz. Eid-eh Shoma Mobarak—wishing you a blessed New Year!

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