“objective is plain–to delay trial as long as possible”Special Counsel Jack Smith Critiques Trump’s Delay Tactics in Classified Documents Case

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Donald Trump’s recent effort to postpone the proceedings of his criminal trial concerning the possession of classified documents elicited a particularly sharp rebuke from Special Counsel Jack Smith, according to observations made by one legal expert on Thursday.

The case against Trump involves serious allegations that he unlawfully retained classified documents following the conclusion of his presidential term and subsequently resisted returning them, despite being compelled by a government-issued subpoena, as reported by Raw Story on, February 8, 2024.

In a notable development within the legal saga, Trump’s legal representation made a move to push back the pre-trial deadlines, an action that was met with a vigorous response from Jack Smith. Legal analyst Anna Bower brought attention to this exchange, highlighting the special counsel’s forceful counter in a recent filing.

Smith’s response underscored a strong accusation against the defendants, suggesting a deliberate strategy on their part to indefinitely delay the legal process and evade the judgment of a “fair and impartial jury of citizens.”

This ongoing legal battle has seen Trump’s attorney argue that the charges of obstruction leveled against Trump are significantly more “damning” in comparison to any allegations faced by President Joe Biden.

This assertion adds another layer of complexity to the case, as it attempts to draw parallels and distinctions between the legal challenges encountered by the two political figures. The special counsel’s stern response to Trump’s attempt to delay the trial further intensifies the legal drama, indicating a firm stance against what is perceived as tactics to stall the judicial proceedings.

The Smith filing also states that Trump’s “objective is plain–to delay trial as long as possible.”

“And the tactics they deploy are relentless and misleading,” it reads.

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