House Judiciary Republicans Mocked Over ‘Cheesecake’ Critique of Biden’s Economy

 House Judiciary Republicans Mocked Over ‘Cheesecake’ Critique of Biden’s Economy

Photo: Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call via Getty Images

House Judiciary Committee Republicans expressed frustration over various economic issues in a peculiar X post on Monday, lamenting New York City’s state under President Joe Biden’s administration.

“Back in the good old days… you could fly to NYC affordably / Go to Times Square and not get robbed / Head to your hotel that’s not overrun with illegal aliens / Dine at the Cheesecake Factory without spending your whole paycheck,” the post read.

This critique of Biden’s economy came on the heels of a May jobs report that Forbes described as “record-breaking.” According to Forbes, “It shows a continuing strong economy. The Biden Administration’s robust and durable track record on jobs and unemployment is breaking records, putting up some of the best results we’ve seen in half a century.”

The House Judiciary Republicans, led by Chair Jim Jordan (R-OH), quickly faced ridicule and fact-checks from across the political spectrum.

“LMAO,” replied Rhonda, referencing a Daily News report comparing crime rates in New York City and Ohio. “Ohio murder rates far higher than NYC.” NYPD data shows that the crime rate in the precinct covering Times Square is nearly 80 percent lower than it was 31 years ago.

X user @4HumanUnity responded with a detailed rebuttal, noting the significant impact COVID-19 had on New York under President Donald Trump’s tenure. “Why do you all act as if the 2020 pandemic didn’t happen?” he asked. “The so-called ‘great economy’ Trump keeps boasting about was merely him riding the economy of [former President Barack] Obama’s success, only to completely botch it when a real crisis hit.”

Others seized on the phrase “the good old days,” criticizing its implications. “The Republicans’ good old days include wanting to go back to when people were owned, and women couldn’t vote,” opined @LetTheBirdDie. “Back in the good old days the GOP wasn’t led by a convicted felon and rapist,” added @DontMessWMurphy.

Some users criticized the GOP’s perceived inaction. “YOU guys have allowed it!” replied @USANihilism. “Stop talking about it and STOP IT!” Another user, @GlenSPhoto, lamented, “Back in the good ole days: You could count on the @GOP to do what they said they would do. NO LONGER POSSIBLE WITH THE CURRENT GOP.”

Others mocked the focus on the Cheesecake Factory. “Only a fool or a 12-year-old comes to New York City to eat at the Cheesecake Factory,” quipped Crowdsource The Truth. Despite the intense reactions, the Cheesecake Factory did not immediately respond to Raw Story’s request for comment.

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