‘What a Cruel and Nasty Comment’ Eric Trump Slams MSNBC’s Katie Phang, Faces Backlash as ‘Snowflake

 ‘What a Cruel and Nasty Comment’ Eric Trump Slams MSNBC’s Katie Phang, Faces Backlash as ‘Snowflake

(Shannon Stapleton/Pool Photo via AP)

Eric Trump, son of former President Donald Trump, found himself at the center of a social media storm after he took umbrage at a joke made by MSNBC’s Katie Phang regarding his brother’s appearance at their father’s hush money trial in New York. Phang’s joke on X, formerly known as Twitter, about Donald Trump Jr. showing up at the trial — “Don Jr. is here today. I guess we know who lost the rock, paper, scissors battle” — led Eric Trump to publicly rebuke her, sparking a flurry of critical responses, per HuffPost.

Eric’s reaction was stern and disapproving. “What a cruel and nasty comment by @KatiePhang of @MSNBC,” he posted. “This is the state of the mainstream media — attacking a son for supporting their father — as I have on countless days during this bogus sham of a trial.” His comment came despite his absence on the day his brother made his first trial appearance, where their father is accused of falsifying business records to hide a payment to adult film actress Stormy Daniels.

However, the backlash was swift and sharp, with many social media users calling Eric a “snowflake” — a term often used to describe someone who is overly sensitive. Critics pointed out the irony of his complaint, considering the history of harsh rhetoric from the Trump family themselves. Journalist Victoria Brownworth harshly critiqued the former First Son, highlighting the contradictions in his statement: “It’s peak hypocrisy for any member of your insurrectionist grifter family to make a peep about nasty comments.

Your brother has a podcast dedicated to attacking people. Your father has attacked people so horribly that a judge had to issue a gag order. You should toughen up.” Others joined in the criticism, recalling the numerous instances where Donald Trump himself had used his platform to insult and demean others. One user remarked, “Cruel? Your father used the presidency as his bully pulpit to target, defame, and incite an insurrection. F**k you!” Another added, “Oh, but is it ok for your old man to be nasty and mean … you can all give it, but you can’t take it, a bunch of snowflakes.”

Further exemplifying the public’s frustration, one commenter referred to a 2015 incident where Donald Trump mocked a disabled reporter, saying, “Your father made fun of disabled people,” to underline the perceived double standards of Eric Trump’s outrage, per BBC

The exchange underlines the ongoing contentious relationship between the Trump family and the media, as well as the broader public discourse that continues to be shaped by their actions and reactions. As Eric Trump criticizes what he sees as unfair media treatment, the responses serve as a stark reminder of the polarized views surrounding his family’s political and personal conduct.

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