Bombshell Revelation in Trump’s Fraud Trial: Cohen Alleges Perjury, Suggests Potential 7-Year Sentence for Former President

Former President Donald Trump
Credit: Alex Brandon/AP, FILE

The New York fraud trial centered around ex-President Donald Trump and his inner circle has been rocked by a sensational revelation, as reported by Newsweek. Trump’s past attorney, Michael Cohen, alleges Trump violated a gag order and lied under oath about it, a move that could change the trial’s direction.

Originally, Trump was restrained from making negative comments about court staff after he controversially targeted Judge Engoron’s Principal Law Clerk, Allison R. Greenfield, on Truth Social. Yet, during a court recess, Trump labeled Judge Engoron as extremely biased and hinted Greenfield might be even worse.

Reacting to Trump’s remarks, Cohen, never one to shy away from confronting his ex-boss, blasted Trump on platform X. He posted an uncomplimentary photo of Trump, captioning it: “Disheveled @realDonaldTrump fined $10,000 for violating the gag order. Lied under oath about who he was referencing in his speech. That’s called perjury! #TeamCohen.”

Cohen’s allegations, suggesting perjury on Trump‘s part, have sent shockwaves through the courtroom. This could substantially weaken Trump’s defense in the fraud case and challenge the court’s impartiality. As the legal rollercoaster continues, the country watches eagerly, anticipating the unfolding drama that could redefine Trump’s fate and courtroom speech parameters.

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