Tropical Island Paradise by Yacht Island Design

tropical island paradise by yacht island design

tropical island paradise by yacht island designHave you ever seen an island floating on the waves of vast ocean!  Well now it’s not the time to imagine, but to actually see it with naked eyes, for the concept of luxury living has gone far beyond our imagination.

And just when it seemed that today’s Yacht couldn’t get any more luxurious, Yacht Island Design introduced the concept of themed yachts and introduced their ultra luxurious yacht  ‘Tropical Island Paradise’ to reflect the peak of ultimate creativity and luxury.

Tropical Island Paradise super yacht is inspired by the islands of Caribbean, Indian Ocean and Polynesia, this yacht is themed to resemble a secluded island paradise on its continuous journey through the deep sea. It’s more like a handy tropical paradise with waterfalls, lush trees, clear water for swimming, small romantic huts with balconies for men and women and even a volcano to resemble a perfect island.

Measuring in at over 295 feet, with a beam of 108 feet and a draft of 26 feet, the super luxurious yacht can accommodate up to 10 charter guests. Reaching a maximum speed of 15 knots, it’s propelled by a diesel electrical power plant.

The Yachts exterior resembles a tropical oasis with a cascading waterfall, faux volcano, private cabanas and a palm tree-lined swimming pool for supreme luxury of men and women and even families can also experience its utmost luxury with their kids.

Housed inside the cabana are four VIP suites with private balconies and direct access to the cabanas on the main deck. Other amenities include a cinema, library, games room and gym, alongside a well-equipped spa, deployable floating beach islands and several lounges.

Though the ‘Tropical Island Paradise’ is still only a concept, but soon we’ll be able to experience and feel it in reality. Thanks to the supreme advancement of technology, creativity and luxurious living.


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