Splendors of Morocco

 Splendors of Morocco

Morocco is just a short distance away from Europe. But it’s a world apart in culture and ambiance. It’s a luxury vacation point where you get spoilt by choice. The splendors of Morocco are sure to drag anyone as it has a magnetic pull of its own. Be it the buzzing bazaars of Fez, the sunny resort city of Marrakesh, dreamy Casablanca or the opulent palaces of Rabat, splendors of Morocco will mesmerise you by providing you an exotic cultural experience which is hard to find anywhere else.

Morocco is an exotic gem of North Africa. Though it borders with Spain yet occupies an entirely different continent. Splendors of Morocco lie in its intense cultural trends which one can feel in imperial atmosphere. There is so much to do for those who are at their luxury vacations that the time you would have allocated for your luxury vacation would surely not enough as you would be longing for more.

In the imperial city of Fez, An ultimate luxury vacation spot, a must see, is the fascinating labyrinthine Medina and the Royal Palace. The splendor of Morocco can only be unleashed with the shopping of Moroccan carpets which are not less than a souvenir!

When talk of luxury vacations, what can be more valuable than a dose of sun all year-round. Visit the famous resort city of Marrakesh, which was once the favourite luxury vacation spot of Sir Winston Churchill. While discovering the splendors of Morocco, don’t miss the opulent 19th century Bahia Palace that features an 8,000-square-metre garden and grand courtyard. The true splendors of Morocco are at their peak in the city’s vibrant atmosphere, wander through one of Africa’s busiest squares, the Djemaa Square, where there are the palm readers, acrobats, musicians and dancers. Experience a real luxury vacation with the heady mix of food stalls providing endless dining choices to satisfy your cravings.

The romantic couples on luxury vacation must not miss the exotic and romantic city of Casablanca where the splendors of Morocco lay undiscovered on the best beaches of Africa Taking a camel tour ride on the Sahara desert is one of the most popular thing when talk of luxury vacations. One experiences the splendors of Morocco at their boom while traveling through Sahara desert and camping there to spend nights. The desert has a grandeur of its own.

Exploring the splendors of Morocco on a horse-drawn carriage is another fun thing not to be misses in one’s luxury vacations. A typical carriage tour takes an hour with the comforts of the carriage in which one can see the splendors of Morocco in the exotic sceneries of the cities of Marrakesh and Meknes.

While seeing the splendors of Morocco, don’t forget to explore the country’s capital of Rabat, which shines with royal attractions – a Royal Mosque, Mausoleum and Royal Palace are the best luxury vacation points which can’t be missed. The white marble Mausoleum gleams with kaleidoscopic mosaics on the inside, while the opulent Royal Palace was built on the ruins of an 18th century palace. Explore the Kasbah des Oudaias in the oldest part of Rabat and you’ll be charmed by the narrow streets and white washed houses that add to the splendors of Morocco in their own way.

Menzmag has tried to unfold the splendors of Morocco which lie in its royalty and vibrant culture.





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