The more you smoke the more you croak!

 The more you smoke the more you croak!

the-more-you-smoke-the-more-you-croakWalking out of your house on a Sunday morning, taking a few drags with your early morning cup of coffee and sitting with your legs stretched out sitting on a bench outside a bar with your late evening pint of beer, a cigarette in your hand compliments most of these occasions.

As important as many medically unaware individuals may think their nicotine boost is for them, they must acknowledge that these ‘cancer sticks’ along with their supplemental doses of nicotine and tar are the worst thing that one can do to themselves.

As addicted as one may be to this irrefutable lifestyle, it is imperative that a certain authority takes responsibility for creating awareness in context to the ill effects of tobacco smoking.

It starts health issues with bad breath and paler teeth and by the time you start noticing your enamel beginning to get paler then you know that you’re definitely in for some groundbreaking realization. The damage has been done, it may be way too grave than you imagined.

Cigarette smoking is known as the leading cause to oral and lung carcinomas. Although a very small percentage of individuals suffering from a cancer may be chain smokers, cigarette smoking is known to be injurious to health and also catalyst to a number of other medical pathologies.

The human mind overlooks its ability to differentiate between right and wrong and hence the mind does not believe what the eyes do not see. Fortunately so, most of the carcinogenic effects of tobacco smoking are not visible to the naked eye.

Cigarette smoking is also known to suffice the needs of any organisms that may invade the respiratory tract and it could be one of the leading etiologies of pharyngitis or bronchitis.

Unless you don’t want to be comfortable with the fairytale of the ugly toad turning into a handsome prince, my advice to you would be to quit. It gives you bad breath, makes you socially unacceptable, its an extra load on your finance and believe it or not, its worse for you than you can imagine. So unless you don’t want the ladies to ask you to ‘cut your croak’, make sure you cut down on your ‘smoke’.

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