5-Year-Old Special Needs Twins Found Dead After Mom Allegedly Jumped to Her Death

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In Seminole County, Florida, an unfolding investigation by local authorities is examining the heartbreaking deaths of a mother and her twin children. During a press briefing, Sheriff Dennis Lemma detailed the incident, which appears to be a murder-suicide.

Sheriff Lemma explained that a call was made to the department by an individual who reported witnessing a woman leap into the St. Johns River from the SR-417 bridge, in what seemed like a suicide attempt. When deputies reached the location, they spotted a floating body, told reporters.

The deceased was identified as 31-year-old Catorreia Hutto, who was days away from celebrating her 32nd birthday.

While looking further into the situation, officers went to Hutto’s residence, where they discovered her 5-year-old twins, Ahmed and Ava Jackson. Initially believed to be asleep, the children were later confirmed to be dead.

The on-site observations revealed no visible injuries to the children, but a firearm and live bullets were found in the house. The residence displayed signs of potential financial distress, with minimal food and furniture. Despite these signs, Lemma clarified that there’s no direct evidence linking the financial situation to the tragic events.

Sheriff Lemma also shared that the last contact attempt from Hutto was an unanswered call to her mother. Upon conversing with Hutto’s mother, the authorities learned of Hutto’s long-standing battle with depression. However, there was no prior indication of her potentially harming her children or herself.

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