Caught on Camera: Whoopi Goldberg’s Alarming On-Air Moment as ABC Reporter in Israel Faces Unexpected ‘Security Incident’!

Whoopi Goldberg The View
Photo: The View / YouTube

Amid escalating tensions following Hamas’s severe attacks on Israel in Gaza, ABC News correspondent Matt Gutman encountered a nerve-wracking moment during a live call into “The View” from Sderot, Israel. Whoopi Goldberg’s evident distress captured viewers’ attention when Gutman’s report was suddenly halted.

An Israeli officer urgently approached Gutman, signaling an immediate evacuation due to a nearby security threat. Gutman, attempting to convey the situation, pointed out the armored jeeps and troops mobilizing in the background and mentioned the IDF’s alert, saying, “There’s a security incident near us.”

Reacting with evident concern, Goldberg fervently advised Gutman, “Get in a car, Matt!” Co-host Sara Haines echoed the sentiment, adding, “Be careful, Matt.”

The live feed was abruptly cut, and a visibly shaken Goldberg remarked, “When it’s live and you’re in the midst of it, anything can happen. We hope he’s safe.”

Later in the show, Gutman reconnected, confirming his safety and describing the notable troop movement toward Gaza. “You can hear distant booms. We’re safe for now, Whoopi,” he reassured.

In a similar vein, as reported by, NBC News’ Richard Engel had to seek immediate cover while reporting live from Sderot on “Morning Joe” due to close-range mortar fire. Israel’s conflict with Hamas continues to escalate, marked by a tragic loss of over 900 Israeli lives and at least 11 Americans in a recent strike by Hamas.

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