“It was a wig! Shut up. It was a wig. It was a lot!” Sofia Vergara Stuns with Dramatic Transformation for ‘Griselda’ Role, Sparks Laughter on The Kelly Clarkson Show

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Sofia Vergara recently captured the public’s attention with her dramatic transformation for her role in the upcoming Netflix miniseries, “Griselda.” This change, marking a significant departure from her usual appearance, has sparked considerable discussion and admiration.

During an appearance on “The Kelly Clarkson Show,” the conversation turned to Vergara’s transformation for the role. Host Kelly Clarkson commented on the change casually, referring to it as “slight,” which prompted a humorous and spirited exchange between the two.

Clarkson, observing Vergara’s new look for the role, remarked, “This is incredible… I feel like they only changed your nose or something,” during the show’s broadcast. Vergara, seemingly taken aback, responded with a surprised, “What?”

As Clarkson attempted to clarify her observation, Vergara playfully interjected, “Are you crazy?” The conversation continued with Clarkson insisting that the alterations seemed minimal, to which Vergara humorously but firmly countered, emphasizing the extensive efforts behind her transformation.

“No Kelly, it was hours,” Vergara laughed along with the audience, but she didn’t hold back in stressing the significant changes made to her appearance. “It was a wig! Shut up. It was a wig. It was a lot!” she exclaimed.

Vergara, widely recognized for her comedic roles in “Modern Family” and “Hot Pursuit,” is venturing into a more dramatic portrayal of “Griselda.” The miniseries tells the story of Griselda Blanco, infamously known as the Godmother of Cocaine, who navigated and dominated the predominantly male drug trade in Miami.

To authentically portray Blanco, Vergara underwent a complete physical makeover, which included a short, jet-black wig, bold makeup, and prosthetics that altered her facial structure. “They did a lot to me! It was teeth. It was the wig. It was nose,” Vergara explained, adding, “It was plastic from here to here.” This was further illustrated by a video clip from the set, showing the detailed process of her hair and makeup transformation.

Clarkson, aiming to provide additional perspective, noted that the makeup and hair team did such an exceptional job that the transformation appeared seamless, highlighting the skill and artistry involved in Vergara’s on-screen metamorphosis.

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