Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck public ‘spats’ reason revealed

 Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck public ‘spats’ reason revealed

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Ben Affleck’s struggle with the invasive nature of paparazzi has been pinpointed as the underlying cause of the public ‘spats’ with his wife, Jennifer Lopez. The celebrity couple, who often find themselves under the media spotlight, seem to have conflicting attitudes towards their high-profile lifestyle.

An insider spoke to The Daily Mail, shedding light on the dynamics of their relationship: “Ben and Jen are doing very well. The ‘spats’ we sometimes see, especially with Ben looking upset, are largely because he despises the constant paparazzi attention that comes with their public outings.”

Affleck’s preference for a more private and low-key lifestyle contrasts with Lopez’s comfort in the limelight. This disparity reportedly leads to occasional ‘spats’ between the two, as Affleck grapples with the relentless media presence. “Ben doesn’t enjoy being constantly photographed, but he understands that Jen loves the spotlight. This difference sometimes puts them at odds, but they always find their way back to each other,” the source added.

The insider further explained that Affleck’s desire for more privacy often conflicts with Lopez’s enjoyment of public attention, leading to these ‘spats.’ However, they emphasized that these disagreements are not detrimental to their relationship. “They really are in a good place, despite the occasional disagreements over the paparazzi,” the source stated.

Lopez and Affleck, who originally got engaged in the early 2000s and then parted ways, rekindled their love story in 2021. They surprised many by secretly tying the knot the following year, demonstrating the resilience of their bond despite the challenges of living in the public eye.

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