Angelina Jolie breaks silence on retirement plans from Hollywood following health woes

Angelina Jolie
Credit: Angelina Jolie / Instagram

Angelina Jolie has recently indicated a possible retirement from Hollywood, citing health concerns that have arisen amidst her divorce from Brad Pitt. In a conversation with WSJ. Magazine for their December/January digital issue, she highlighted the necessity of healing for herself and her family.

At 48 years old, Jolie shared insights into her struggles, stating, “We had to heal,” and acknowledged that there were specific issues they needed to work through. She also opened up about the physical toll stress has taken on her body, mentioning fluctuations in blood sugar and experiencing Bell’s palsy six months before her divorce in 2018.

Jolie expressed her perspective on the changing nature of Hollywood, noting a shift towards increased public exposure which wasn’t as prevalent early in her career. She described the industry as ‘shallow’ and not conducive to a healthy lifestyle. This realization, along with her post-divorce experiences, contributed to her losing the freedom to live and travel as she once did.

Discussing her plans, Jolie mentioned her intention to move when possible, with a desire to spend more time at her home in Cambodia. She reflected fondly on falling in love with the country during the filming of “Lara Croft: Tomb Raider” in 2000. Her connection to Cambodia is further deepened by her family ties; she adopted her eldest son Maddox from there in 2002, and her son Pax from neighboring Vietnam in 2007.

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