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Top 10 Fiction Movies of 2011

Top fiction movies of 2011 will take you to the world of unknown powers and fiction which a person can never ever think of happening around him in this real world. It is very difficult to find top 10 movies of 2011 but it is a little easy to find top fiction movies of 2011. In Top fiction movies of 2011 were also some block buster of 2011. Following top 10 movies are the top fiction movies of 2011.

1.    The adjustment bureau

The adjustment bureau

In this top fiction movie of 2011 threatening men in formal suits and black hats were leading the events that were to happen in matt Damon life. This top movie comes in one of the top 10 movies with fiction laws of nature which nobody knows. These fiction men were keeping apart Matt from Emily Blunt as this was never to happen event in this top fiction movie of 2011.

2.    Battle: Los Angeles

Battle Los Angeles

This is 2ndtop fiction movie of 2011. This fiction is one of the top movies which are filled with army action. Fiction Aliens wanted to invade in this fiction movie of 2011. Cast of this top fiction movie of 2011 is Aaron Eckhart and Michelle Rodriguez.

3.    Paul


This top fiction movie of 2011 is about a fiction alien. Paul is actually name of an alien in this one of the top 10 movies. Voice that was used for this top fiction movie of 2011 is of Seth Rogen. Two nerds came across this fiction alien which has some funny powers. It’s a greattop movie to watch with your kids.

4.    Sucker Punch

Sucker Punch

Sucker Punch is one of the top fiction movies of 2011. This top movie is different from other movie. Graphics of this movie are also different and kind of dark. This top movie is about Emily Browning, who is a mental patient trying to escape from the cell.

5.    Source Code

Source Code

Source Code is a top movie moves around the concept that after death your brain is up for some time. From that concept they made software and changed the past. In this top fiction movie of 2011 Jake Gyllen haal stopped the bomb from exploding in train. Great fictions treat for fiction movie lovers.

6.    Super 8

Super 8

This top movie is produced by J. J. Abrams. This top fiction movie of 2011 is a remake of Steven Spielberg top movie in seventies. This is also an alien-monster fiction movie. It seems like that aliens are new vampire of the fiction movie world in 2011.

7.    Green Lantern

Green Lantern

This top fiction movie of 2011 can be considered as a movie made by a person of small baby IQ. This top movie is made by Martin Campbell. He is famous for making stupid movies and making them smarter than they really are. This top movie is made on the fiction character green lantern taken from a comic.

8.    Cowboys and Alien

Cowboys and Alien

Cowboys are never out of fashion. This is the must watch top fiction movie of 2011. Nobody wants to miss when Cowboys meets alien in a top movie. Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford are the style of this top movie.

9.    In Time

In Time

An interesting concept is used in this top fiction movie of 2011. In this top movie people will stop aging in future and they will have time in future as we have lots of money today. This thought-provoking top movie is directed by Andrew Niccole. This top movie has casted young celebrities like Justin Timberlake, Cillian Murphy, Amanda Seyfried, and Olivia Wilde.

10.    The Thing

The Thing

This top movie casts beautiful Mary Elizabeth Winstead. She moved 10000 mile away from her place where some people have found a frozen out of the world living thing. This is the third remake of a topmovie“the thing from another world” which was made in 1951. Then second remake of this top movie was made in 1982.

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