Top 10 Italian Foods

Italian Chicken ptarmigan

Italian dishes are very famous all over the world because of its unique taste and presentation.  People love to eat cuisine such as pizzas and pastas.  Italian food is even famous because you get to eat the actual taste of the all the ingredients. The most amazing thing of this food that cheese is on the top of every cuisine and cheese add a taste to the cuisine. One must try many famous Italian foods.

1. Bruschetta:

Tomato brushcetta Italian foodsOne of the very famous and loved Italian dishes is Bruschetta. It is one of those Italian foods, which is famous as the best one.  It is actually an appetizer but you can take it as a whole dish. It is usually served with a fresh baby tomatoes and olive oil is on the top of the dish. It is not a new dish but it is an old one people are eating it since 15th century. Actually, it consists of bread, which is coated with the olive oil, and the flavor is very spicy. The toping is done with the vegetables, beans, meat, tomatoes and cheese.

2. Pizza marguerite:

Italian PizzaThe other famous Italian food is pizza marguerite. Italian pizza is very famous all around the world. The base of this pizza is very soft and thin crust. The topping is very delicious, there is meat, tomatoes, capsicums red one, pizza sauce and of course mozzarella cheese on the top.  Olive oil is also on the top of the pizza, which makes it yummier. The oven hot pizza is serve with garlic bread and wedges

3. Chicken ptarmigan:

Italian Chicken ptarmiganThe other famous chicken dish is chicken ptarmigan. It is a sort of sandwich but it the sandwich is deep-fried and is full of meat cheese and different sauces.  When you eat it and melted cheese, starts coming out you start loving the food.

4. Alfredo pasta:

Alfredo pasta foodsThe other famous Italian food is Alfredo pasta. This pasta is made in sauces, which is full of cream and chasse. The noodles are very yummy there is chicken, green onion and cheese. This pasta is now available everywhere.

5. Lasagna:

Lasagna Italian foodsLasagna is another famous Italian food.  It is a classic dish. It is baked and the basic ingredients are noodles and the layering is done with spicy meat, tomatoes, olives, green onion, white sauce and yes and the end cheese is sprinkled on the dish. When it comes out of oven the smells and taste is amazing. The flavor of this dish is yummy.

6. Ceasor salad:

Italian Ceasor salad The other Italian food is ceasor salad. The salad is very mouthwatering. It has its own flavor. The basic ingredients are ice burg, cheese, grilled chicken, croutons, ceasor dressing, olives and tomatoes. It is very lightweight salad.

7. Spaghetti with tomato sauce:

Spaghetti tomatoAnother famous Italian food is spaghetti with tomato sauce. This is a very simple and tasty dish. One can add meatballs, sausages, chicken stripes, mushrooms, olives. You can make it anytime you want to. It is one of the dish kids love to eat.

8. Pasta primavera:

Pasta Italian foodsItaly cuisines are very famous; the one very famous one is pasta primavera. All age groups love this Italian food. This pasta is full of vegetables, corns and different pasta sauces. One can add mushrooms and other things but do not forget to add cheese. Italian dishes are incomplete without cheese toppings.

9. Saltimbocca:

Saltimbocca Italian foodsOne of the Italian foods is saltimbocca. This is a unique dish. The meat is cooked in the butter and a type of wine. It is a very different taste. Almost everyone who goes to Italy tastes it.

10. Tiramisu:

Tiramisu Italian foodsTiramisu is very famous Italian dessert. It consists of heavy custard, which is made up of cream, eggs, and cheese and the brownies are in the center. The dessert is very mouthwatering and everyone’s favorite.

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