Queen Uses ‘Interesting Timing’ To Impact ‘Positive’ Opinion Regarding Camilla Consort’s News

 Queen Uses ‘Interesting Timing’ To Impact ‘Positive’ Opinion Regarding Camilla Consort’s News

source: newsbreak.com

The Queen announced Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall’s appointment as Queen Consort at “interesting timing,” as a royal analyst believes the “death” themes surrounding her Platinum Jubilee date may have drawn public attention to the Royal Family‘s future.

The timing of the Queen announcing her “sincere wish” for Camilla to become Queen Consort was examined by Podcast Royal hosts Rachel Burchfield and Jessica Robinson. Camilla now has the monarch’s support, therefore the timing of the announcement alongside her Platinum Jubilee may have been done to win over the public’s favor.

As per Express, however, Ms. Burchfield pointed out that the anniversary coincides with a sad period in the Queen’s life, as she remembers the death of her father, George VI, on February 6, and speculated that the Queen may have wanted to get the news out “sooner rather than later” to secure the Royal Family’s future.

The hosts of Podcast Royal discussed how the public reacted to Camilla becoming Queen Consort and how the Queen’s engagement influenced public perception.

Ms. Burchfield remarked: “The first and probably the only time that a British monarch is putting a statement out for his or her 70 years on the throne.

“And the news about Camilla is huge, I want to pause here, I’m trying to hear your thoughts on the news about Camilla.

“I think it totally underscores and highlights the importance of having a partner when one is a mother.”

Ms. Robinson added: “Yeah, absolutely, I mean, I thought her speech was really beautiful, really thoughtful words.

“I felt that throughout that whole speech… I wasn’t totally sure if she would ever come out and make a comment about Camilla as Queen Consort or not.

“I’m totally surprised that she shared her wishes but I do think it’s interesting timing for her to make this statement right ahead of the Platinum Jubilee.

“It’s clear she’s giving her blessing and I do think that that will positively impact public opinion of Camilla as Queen for sure…

“I mean, it’s very intentional, and she knew it would be impactful, she really could have said it anytime.”

Ms. Burchfield also believed the date was memorable for the Queen because of her father’s death, despite rumors that the Queen rarely celebrates her jubilee.

She added: “I know that February 6 makes her think about death because it has to because that’s the day her father died unexpectedly in his sleep.

“And, you know, I feel like she wanted this to be said sooner rather than later because when you’re 95 you just never know if you have a later.

“And I mean, the tide of public opinion towards Camilla has turned in her favor.

“Camilla has had I think two or three engagements since this came out on Saturday night and people are waving the Union Jack.

“I mean, it’s like the queen has given her stamp of approval and it’s a whole new outlook because Camilla will be in.”

Only 14% of the public wanted Camilla to be Queen Consort when she takes the throne, according to a rolling YouGov poll taken in November 2021.

In the same poll, 44 percent of respondents said they were pleased with her appointment as Princess Consort.

Express.co.uk conducted a 24-hour poll from February 6 to 7, asking readers if they agreed with Her Majesty’s decision.

The question asked, “Do you agree with the Queen’s decision to make Camilla Queen Consort?”.

The poll found out of 8453 responses, 51 percent (4348) backed the Queen’s wishes for Camilla to become Queen Consort during Charles’ reign.

Subsequently, 47 percent of people did not want her to be Queen Consort, according to analysis, suggesting that the Queen’s intervention swayed public opinion.

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