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Kate Garraway is confused by Prince Harry’s comments about the Queen’s ‘protect’: ‘Does he mean advisors to her?

Prince Harry
( Image: NBC)

Kate Garraway has expressed confusion at Prince Harry’s latest comments about the Queen after he said he wanted to make sure her majesty was ‘protected’.

In a new interview with NBC, The Duke Of Sussex revealed that he is ‘just making sure that she’s protected and got the right people around’ his grandmother, the monarch.

Kate was perplexed when discussing Prince Harry’s remarks on Wednesday’s Good Morning Britain. ‘What does he mean? Does he mean other members of the royal family?

‘Does he mean advisors to her? What does he mean?’

He continued: ‘But, does he mean his father? Does he mean his brother? Because he’s got a book coming out and that’s going to cause huge problems for granny if he’s having a go at the family.’

Kevin also reckoned there is ‘no way’ the Duke can protect the Queen. ‘All he’s done is create heartache for his grandmother,’ he added.

In another interview, Prince Harry stated that the Queen was ‘on great form’ during their recent meeting.

According to Today, on Thursday, he and his wife Meghan paid a visit to the monarch and met with the Prince of Wales in Windsor, having flown in from their home in the United States before continuing on to The Hague in the Netherlands for the Invictus Games.

It is the couple’s first public appearance together on this side of the Atlantic in two years.

Speaking to NBC’s Today show about their reunion, he said ‘being with her was great, it was just so nice to see her, she’s on great form.’

He added: ‘Both Meghan and I had tea with her, so it was really nice to catch up with her.’

It comes just days before the monarch’s 96th birthday on Thursday, and just over a year after her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh was put to rest.

His entire interview with NBC will air later today.

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