Prince Harry Supposedly Blew Whistle On Charles’ $3.6M Bribe Scandal: “monarchy is a corrupt and antiquated institution”

 Prince Harry Supposedly Blew Whistle On Charles’ $3.6M Bribe Scandal: “monarchy is a corrupt and antiquated institution”


Forced Prince Harry to inform police officers of your father’s unlawful activity? According to a tabloid, the Duke of Sussex is responsible for the most recent development in the probe. Let’s examine Prince Charles. the most recent legal blunder.

Did Prince Harry ‘Blow the Whistle’ on Prince Charles?

According to this week’s issue of the National Enquirer, Prince Harry may have contributed to Prince Charles’ predicament. News leaked months ago that Charles knighted Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim bin Jaber al-Thani, better known as HBJ, a billionaire from Qatar after receiving more than $3 million in charitable donations from the tycoon. An investigation into the circumstances surrounding HBJ’s knighthood was started once the transaction was made public.

But more recently, investigators revealed that Charles received HBJ’s donation in the form of suitcases and grocery bags filled with cash. “This is a shocking dark stain on Charles’ reputation and threatens his ability to rule when his mother, the queen, dies,” a source explains. “This could topple the entire house of cards.”

And the plot thickens when the outlet’s insider suggests that Prince Harry may have had something to do with the development. “We even fear that Harry had something to do with the exposure of the scandal,” one insider speculates.

“It certainly seems to support his narrative that the monarchy is a corrupt and antiquated institution.” The article also notes Harry’s previous comments about “warning” his father that HBJ did not seem to have a good reputation.

What’s going on with Prince Charles?

Unsurprisingly, this study is using a very limited number of data to create its own picture of how events transpired. The truth is that no criminal behavior has yet been found, despite the fact that an inquiry into Prince Charles’ suspected bribery is still ongoing. Especially through the circumstances that look suspicious, it is not unlawful to accept charitable donations, even if they come in the form of large sums of cash.

The money was processed, counted, and given in full to the Prince of Wales’s charity foundation, according to the investigation. Charles’ reputation and royal honors are undamaged because there is currently no evidence to imply that he accepted a personal bribe in exchange for a knighthood.

And in light of that, it is even more ridiculous to infer that Harry was involved in the scandal. First of all, Harry would not gain anything from the passing of his own father. Harry still respects the monarchy and cares deeply about his family, despite what the tabloids may claim. Even his own daughter was given the queen’s name.

He is not an evil figure out to subvert the royal way of life. But even if he did gain something from his father’s scandal, there is not sufficient justification to start making these claims. We won’t fall for it because it’s all baseless rumors intended to harm the duke’s reputation.

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