Prince Harry’s ‘Spare’ Sequel Rumors Spread on Purpose: ‘It Makes Financial Sense,’ Says Ghostwriter

 Prince Harry’s ‘Spare’ Sequel Rumors Spread on Purpose: ‘It Makes Financial Sense,’ Says Ghostwriter

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Prince Harry has been encouraged to write another book following the immense success of his memoir “Spare.” An expert has even suggested that rumors of a sequel were deliberately spread to gauge public interest.

Harry, the Duke of Sussex, left readers in shock when he disclosed intimate details about the Royal Family in “Spare,” released in January 2023. Now, celebrity ghostwriter Joshua Lisec has told The Mirror US that rumors about a sequel to “Spare” might have been strategically leaked to test the waters.

“It seems that this rumor quote unquote leaked on purpose to see how the public would react, almost as market research to see if people go, ‘Wow yes, that’s amazing,’ or, ‘Wait, what, we already know his story, he already did a book,'” Lisec explained.

Lisec believes it’s commercially sensible for Prince Harry to publish a follow-up given the first book’s success. “That’s my hypothesis, that’s not based on any inside information besides what we know publishers are focused on, which is book sales. When a book like ‘Spare’ has been so successful, we understand that the publishing industry survives because of celebrity books. All else is a labor of love project.”

He further noted, “It is celebrity books that keep the industry alive, they keep publishers semi-profitable. So, you have one book that is as successful as ‘Spare,’ it makes financial sense, it makes commercial sense to explore the possibility of a sequel.”

The potential for a second memoir from Prince Harry has certainly stirred interest among readers and publishers alike. The first memoir provided a candid look at his life and the inner workings of the Royal Family, capturing global attention and topping bestseller lists.

As speculation grows, it remains to be seen if Prince Harry will indeed pen another book. However, given the commercial success and public intrigue surrounding “Spare,” a sequel would undoubtedly be a significant event in the literary world.

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