Prince Charles Denies knowledge Of any Cash-For-Honors as Allegations lead to a Police complaint

 Prince Charles Denies knowledge Of any Cash-For-Honors as Allegations lead to a Police complaint


Monarchy seems to be in hot waters again, this time Prince Charles is embroiled in allegations that a close aide offered to help a Saudi tycoon to get a knighthood and citizenship in exchange for charitable donations.

The Prince of Wales and the chief executive of his charity, The Prince’s Foundation, were both reported to the police yesterday. Officers are presently evaluating the information that has been submitted.

Allegations first came to light on Sunday when The Sunday Times and The Mail alleged that Michael Fawcett offered to help a Saudi tycoon obtain a knighthood and British citizenship in return for donations to Charles’ charities.

As per a statement released by Clarence House, “The Prince of Wales has no knowledge of the alleged offer of honors or British citizenship on the basis of donation to his charities and fully supports the investigation now underway by The Prince’s Foundation.”

Fawcett resigned over the weekend while The Prince’s Foundation initiated its own investigation into the scandal.

However, a former UK government minister Norman Baker filed a complaint to the police by Sunday.

Anti-monarchy campaign group Republic issued their own police report on Monday, claiming on Twitter that they had named both Charles and Fawcett in their allegations.

Graham Smith, the chief executive, wrote: “I have just reported Prince Charles and Michael Fawcett to the police on suspicion of breaching the Honors (Prevention of Abuses) Act 1925.”

He further added: “It is unclear how Fawcett could personally procure an honor without the direct involvement of the prince, or how this arrangement could be made without the prince being aware of what was being promised.

“Perhaps there’s a good explanation for all of this, but the evidence provided in the press over the weekend raises real suspicion about the Prince’s conduct and that of his associates.

I trust the Metropolitan Police to do the right thing, but I have said in my report that this must be given due attention without fear or favor and that the status, position and rank of those involved must in no way influence any decision to investigate.”

A Metropolitan Police spokesperson said: “The Met can confirm that we have received a letter about this matter and officers are currently assessing this information.”

When journalists approached Fawcett outside his home yesterday, he refused to respond.

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