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Meghan Markle donates coffee money to charity workers fighting for paid leave in the US

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Megan Markle surprised charity workers in the United States fighting for paid parental leave with a donation to “keep them going.” Megan Markle reportedly offered to buy coffee from charity workers to “keep them going” in the fight for paid vacation.

Two mothersLives in a $ 20 million mansion in Montecito, LA It is believed to have up to $ 332 million in shared assets, Paid leave for caffeine sent workers from the organization $ US25 (about $ 30) cash.

The royal expert is Trying to build a political career After applying for paid parental leave in the United States.

And today, charity communication boss Neil Sloka tweeted. Megan Markle) I bought a few cups of coffee for everyone in the paid vacation US while working overtime to save on paid vacation.

“Incredibly classy … and necessary.

“It’s a real honor to know that she has our back in the fight to win a paid vacation for everyone.”

He shared an image of a Starbucks gift certificate for $ 25.

The credit note says:

“Something just a little to keep you going.

“Thank you for everything you do.

“From Archewell.”

Dozens of people replied to the tweet, writing: “It’s the Megan we know.

“She leaves magic wherever she goes. Thank you, everyone.”

Megan With her earlier this month Harry Has been “overwhelmed” Birth of the second child Lillibet When she asks for paid vacation for her parents.

In a letter to two Democrats in Washington, DC, She urged the government to allow new parents to take time off from work with their babies.

There is no paid parental leave system in the United States, but President Joe Biden has vowed to introduce it.

In her letter to Democrats Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, Megan After Lili was born in June, I was lucky enough to spend a vacation with Harry.

She states: “Like other parents, we were overjoyed. Like many parents, we were overwhelmed.

“I didn’t face the harsh reality of spending the first few months with my baby or returning to work, as with a small number of parents.

“We knew we could take her home, and at that important (and sacred) stage, we dedicate everything to our children and our family.

“By doing so, we knew that many would not have to make impossible choices about childcare, work, and medical care that many people have to make every day.

“Family should not face these decisions.”

Duchess, Person with personal education At a $ 16,000 ($ 21,281) annual school in California, she said she worked “lifetime” to cover her rent and fill her car with petrol.

After discussing a trip to the Sizzler Salad Bar with Mom and Dad, she said: lucky.

“I started working (at a local frozen yogurt shop) at the age of 13. I waited for a table, babysat, and fragmentary work together to cover the odds and the end.

“I worked all my life and saved as much as I could, anytime and anywhere, but it was still a luxury. Usually, I was getting enough income to pay the rent and put gas in my car.”

But now the situation is very different.

Some argue that “Brand Sussex” is worth an estimated A $ 332 million, and the couple could become “the wealthiest personal brand in the world.”

Andrew Brock, a branding expert and founder of Frank PR, said: wonderful: “Since moving to California and resigning as an active royal family, Harry and Megan have witnessed a surge in personal wealth and secured much lucrative commerce and personal support.

“They are really taking full advantage of their newly discovered position, and the potential to become the richest personal brand in the world seems quickly achievable.

“It’s certainly not a problem for them to become a $ 1 billion brand. The sky is endless.”

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