Prince Archie has reportedly begun ‘asking about his grandfather’

Prince Archie
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The media spotlight on the Royal Family has intensified since the historic Coronation of King Charles III earlier this month. The extensive coverage, particularly concerning Prince William and Kate Middleton’s three young children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis, seems to have triggered deep regrets for Prince Harry.

According to insiders close to the royal family, who shared their insights with New Idea, Harry is experiencing profound regrets regarding the consequences of his move across the Atlantic and the subsequent separation of his own children, Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet, from their grandfather, King Charles III. The official confirmation of their new royal titles earlier this year has further amplified these concerns.

Harry’s worries stem not only from the strong bond his father shares with Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis, with reports suggesting that King Charles played a significant role in raising them to be emotionally resilient individuals but also from his son’s growing curiosity about his grandfather. As Archie begins asking questions about King Charles, it has sent Harry into a state of overdrive.

Reflecting on the Coronation and the active participation of Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis, who keep Harry present in their lives through a family photograph displayed at home, a source revealed to New Idea, “Harry’s biggest regret is that Archie and Lilibet missed out on one of the most momentous days of their grandfather’s life. William’s children will be forever remembered in history books, while his own children won’t even rate a mention.”

The source further shared that the Coronation ceremony, which Prince Harry attended alone, made him question his decisions to distance himself and share critical accounts of royal life. These doubts have intensified recently, particularly as Archie, who coincidentally celebrated his fourth birthday on the same day as the Coronation, began asking questions about his grandfather.

According to insiders, Harry and Archie occasionally communicate with King Charles via FaceTime. However, the young prince’s inquiries were sparked by witnessing his grandfather “sitting on a giant throne” during the Coronation events. The source added, “For a young boy, there’s nothing more impressive than that.”

Archie’s questions have now prompted Harry to reevaluate his choices, realizing that they have led his children to miss out on building a relationship with their paternal grandfather. While Meghan Markle reportedly desires her children to have a connection with their grandpa King Charles, she has reservations about reconciling with the royal family. Nevertheless, she understands Harry’s desire to bridge the gap for the sake of their children, particularly considering they will never have a relationship with Meghan’s estranged father, Thomas Markle.

Insiders shared with New Idea, “Apart from Doria [Meghan’s mother], Charles is the only grandparent Archie has. Harry has noticed Charles’ softened demeanor with age and how he has become a perfect grandfather to William’s kids. Harry wants the same for Archie and Lili, but he knows it would require more frequent visits to the UK – something Meghan is not keen on.” Although Meghan will assert herself due to her commitments and ongoing projects, Harry will not let Archie miss out on another opportunity.”

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