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How to Tell Your Boyfriend That You Are Ready for Sex

How to Tell Your Boyfriend That You Are Ready for Sex

Besides being emotionally attached to the person, you’re also physically attracted to the person you love. Physical intimacy is as important as the mental connection is.

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But this doesn’t imply that you have to get physical with your partner even if you don’t wish for. But if you’ve been feeling lately that now you’re ready to consummate your relationship, then you can make the first move.

How to Tell Your Boyfriend That You Are Ready for Sex
How to Tell Your Boyfriend That You Are Ready for Sex

1. First of All, Think About It Once Again

Is this consent out of some obligations? Do you think that you owe sex to your partner? If the answer is yes, then you shouldn’t make the next move. Sit down and think thoroughly instead.

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2. Tell Him Face to Face

Telling him over the text is easier, there is no second thought about it. But telling him in person is much more beneficial. You can read his facial expressions if you talk to him in person.

3. Plan a Birth Control Method

Don’t go all crazy about the idea of having sex with him for the first time. Protection is as important as intimacy is. Get the pills or condoms beforehand. You wouldn’t like to lose your senses amidst the heat.

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4. Relax

Don’t panic. Don’t let the idea of having sex freak you out. The more nervous you’ll be, the lesser fun sex will be. Take it easy and natural as it is.

5. Let Go of the Awkward Moments

When you’re getting into bed with him for the first time, awkward moments are inevitable to occur. Just laugh them off and be the confident lady you’re. He won’t be able to resist himself from charging upon you.

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6. Be Open and Honest

Guide him how you would like your first time to be like. Be clear that why you’re willing to share the bed with him. Be on the same page as he is. Any one of you looking for a casual hook-up while other is seeing the future together will eventually land you both in trouble.

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7. Respect His Decision

There’s a prevalent myth that men can’t deny sex. However, the truth is not always what we see. Maybe he doesn’t want to get intimate at the time. You’ve to respect his decision.

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